James J. Keil, Jr. (Jim)


    James J. Keil, Jr. (Jim) has been an attorney for 37 years representing over 1,900 family law clients.  His years of experience in litigating and negotiating family law cases has honed his ability to achieve success in mediation.  Jim was a Municipal Court Judge for 22 years.  His experience as a judge has provided him with the demeanor and temperament to arbitrate family law cases.  Jim has mediated and arbitrated a myriad of issues including decision-making and parenting time, child support, complex property division, maintenance/alimony, paternity, and the award of attorney fees and costs.  He has mediated over 500 family law cases with a 90% success rate.  Jim knows how to settle a case in mediation.

    As a successful appellate lawyer, Jim has gleaned valuable insight as to why parties should settle their issues in mediation instead of letting a judge decide their case.  Frequently, parties to a family law litigation are unable to see the wisdom of settlement through their anger and emotion.  It is not until the case is appealed and the parties have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars that they realize they should have settled instead of litigating. The wisdom of the years, as well as his litigation and appellate experience, give Jim a unique skill set and the ability to mediate and resolve even the most complex and emotionally charged family law cases. 


    Jim has earned the respect of his clients, his peers, and judges.  He has been voted as one of the Best Lawyers in America in family law and mediation.  He was named by Law Week as Barrister’s Best, People’s Choice for Best Mediator in 2019.  Jim has been named as a Colorado Super Lawyer in Family Law for 12 years and a Top 100 Colorado Super Lawyer in 2019.  He has held an AV Preeminent Peer Rating from Martindale Hubbell for the past 28 years and has a Superb Rating from AVVO (10/10) for the past 10 years.  Jim has presented at various seminars and is a published author.  

    If you are an attorney, you can call me to set mediation or arbitration at 303-422-0700 or email me at jim@jameskeil.com.  If you are party to a family law case, you should speak with your attorney and suggest using me to mediate or arbitrate your case.  If you do not have an attorney, you may call or contact me directly.

    If Jim is not available on a particular date, you should use Dick Rotole as your mediator or arbitrator.  You can reach Dick at 303-399-1600.  


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A truly great lawyer’s lawyer
“Jim Keil is as fine an attorney as I can imagine anyone could find. He is intelligent, very knowledgeable, aggressive in protecting his clients’ rights, highly skilled in his area of practice, honest, and fair. His support staff is top notch. Communication is flawless. He took a case that was a mess, and worked tirelessly to clean it up. I had total peace of mind throughout the entire process that everything that could be done was being done effectively. Everything [sic] pleading (court paper) he filed was excellent. In my 25 years litigation experience I worked with and against many hundreds, if not thousands of different attorneys. I handled cases against some of the most powerful corporations in the world. I cannot remember a single one of their best attorneys that was as good at what they did as Jim is at what he does.” -Frank
Awesome Job
“Jim has been representing me since January 2013, after I began my divorce case with two attorneys who were ill-equipped to handle an ex-husband like mine. He stepped in and quickly took control of a very complicated divorce. In his 31 years of practice, Jim told me he has never known a more vindictive ex-husband than mine. Although my ex has filed countless extensive motions, Jim has won every important motion in my divorce case. He is extremely thorough and very well-spoken in the courtroom, was superb in cross-examining my ex-husband, and prepared me very well for the witness stand. He is extremely knowledgeable in divorce law, very trustworthy and guided me in how to move forward as quickly as possible in my divorce. He is well-known at the Jefferson County Courthouse, as well. I am most grateful for his expertise in all the court battles he has won for me. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to highly recommend Jim to you. You won’t be disappointed and you would never want him on the other side of the courtroom representing your ex.” -Monica
High integrity, compassion, and knowledge of law
“Jim Keil is an uncommon mix of intellect, knowledge, trustworthiness, and compassion. While this is a special combination for a human being, it is even more noteworthy for a family law attorney to possess all of these characteristics. My case was particularly complex, even for a seasoned attorney like Jim. However, I appreciated Jim’s honesty, humanity, and flexibility in getting the job done. My profession requires that I interface with a number of attorneys, and I can say from experience that Jim is in the highest tier when it comes to performance, and he is one of the finest human beings to walk the face of the earth. He works with a great paralegal and has a supportive office staff as well.” - Catherine